Current research papers and projects include the following new manuscripts:

Desai, Sarah, Jessica Houston Su, and Robert M. Adelman. 2020. “Legacies of Marginalization: System Avoidance among the Adult Children of Unauthorized Immigrants in the United States.” International Migration Review. Forthcoming.

Adelman, Robert M., Aysegul Balta Ozgen, and Watoii Rabii. 2019. “Buffalo’s West Side Story: Migration, Gentrification, and Neighborhood Change.” City & Community 8:770–791.

Robertson, O. Nicholas, and Robert M. Adelman. 2019. “Race, Ethnicity, and the American Criminal Justice System: The Perceptions and Experiences of West Indian Men.” Race and Justice 9:434-453.

Along with Christopher Mele, I published Race, Space, and Exclusion: Segregation and Beyond in Metropolitan America in 2015 (Routledge).

My research has appeared in American Sociological ReviewSocial ForcesDemography, and other journals.

I am a former book review editor of City & Community and I currently serve the journal as Senior Associate Editor. 

For more details, see my CV or Google Scholar page.