Current research papers and projects include two new manuscripts:

Adelman, Robert M., Aysegul Balta Ozgen, and Watoii Rabii. 2019. “Buffalo’s West Side Story: Migration, Gentrification, and Neighborhood Change.” City & Community. Forthcoming.

Robertson, O. Nicholas, and Robert M. Adelman. 2020. “Race, Ethnicity, and the American Criminal Justice System: The Perceptions and Experiences of West Indian Men.” Race and Justice 9:434-453.

Along with Christopher Mele, I published Race, Space, and Exclusion: Segregation and Beyond in Metropolitan America in 2015 (Routledge). My research has appeared in American Sociological ReviewSocial ForcesDemography, and other journals. I am a former book review editor of City & Community and I currently serve the journal as Senior Associate Editor. 

For more details, see my CV or Google Scholar page.